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Simon Conference 2019

We are proud to announce our current speakers and their talk titles:

(View the Simon Conference schedule here)


Jordan Giebas (Goldman Sachs) Satuday 3:55 PM: Redefining what it means to be a quant

Tom Lewis (Bank of America) Saturday 3:30 PM: Merton Model and Predictive Analytics

Jon Culbert (Delta Dental) Friday 2:25 PM: Morality and the Machine: Ethics and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence in the Insurance Industry

HimChan Jeong (UConn) Saturday 10:45 AM: Application of Bayesian sensitivity analysis in compound risk model with random facts

Sooie-Hoe Loke (CWU) Saturday 9:50 AM: Ruin Probabilities in Various Risk Models

Sahadeb Upretee (UWM) Saturday 9:00 AMModel Efficiency and Uncertainty in Quantile Estimation of Loss Severity Distributions 

Arkady Shemyakin, Anh Nguyen and Nicklaus Pomije(St. Thomas) Friday 4:40 PM: Models of Economic Capital for Property and Casualty Insurance Companies

Arkady Shemyakin, Hunter Hamilton and Alec Henriksen (St. Thomas) Friday 3:10PM: Medical Loss Ratio Data Analysis

Qianlong Liu (GSU) Saturday 2:10 PM: Interest Rate Risk Hedging: Evidence From U.S. Life Insurance Industry

Elizaveta Sizova (Illinois) Saturday 2:35 PM : Strategic Risk-Modelling by Banks: Evidence from Inside the Black Box

Maryam Yarahmadi (St. John's U) Friday 4:20 PM: Unintended Consequences: How Driverless Cars Could Increase Homeowners Insurance Premiums

Qiheng Guo (UCSB) Friday 12:05 PM: Patterns and Anomalies of Loss Development in P&C Insurance Market

Longhao Jin (Illinois) Saturday 1:45 PM: Holistic Principle for Risk Aggregation and Capital Allocation

Xing Wang (Illinois State) Saturday 9:25 AM: Nonparametric Inference for Distortion Risk Measures on Tail Regions

Kaiwen Wang (U of M/MSU) Friday 3:30 PM: Treatment and Store Level Analyses of Health Care Data

Wenchu Li (Temple) Friday 10:45 AM: Basis Risk in Variable Annuities

Yuan (Sabrina) Du (Temple) Friday 5:25 PM: Who Are the First-movers? Evidence from the Structured Market Entry Model

Jian Zhang (Temple) Friday 12:30 PM: A Study on Textual Characteristics of Insurers' and Their Reserving Behavior

Juan Zhang (Temple) Friday 11:40 AM: Conditional Conservation and Insolvency Risk

Xuesong You (Temple) Friday 5:00 PM: Does One Shock Affect All

Kristen Moore (U of M) Friday 10:00 AM: Balancing Income and Bequest Goals in Retirement

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