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VEE Requirement

MSU offers courses that meet the Society of Actuaries (SOA) Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) requirement. These courses cover topics in Economics, Corporate Finance, and Applied Statistical Methods.

These courses are listed on the Education section of the SOA website. Eligibility and process for applying to receive VEE credits are also on this site. Actuarial students at MSU are encouraged to visit the site to determine the courses at MSU that meet the various VEE credits. For additional help, please see your academic advisor, or send us a message.

  • Validation by Educational Experience (VEE)
  • VEE course listing - To access this listing, click on the link to the left to get to the "Look Up School" page. Select “Michigan” from the drop-down menu for state, and hit the “Search” button. Find “Michigan State University” in the list of schools and hit “Select” in the far left column.